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Get Highly Trained Employees 

Full Circle Training Center offers an excellent opportunity to learn an invaluable skill. Our interns are trained by highly educated and experienced master technicians. Upon graduation, each intern has earned an average of three or more student ASE certifications, demonstrating their practical and theoretical auto technician knowledge.


This program addresses the issue of employment barriers faced by many individuals, especially those who have been previously incarcerated. By providing citizens returning from incarceration with the opportunity to learn a trade and make a living wage, we can make a meaningful contribution to decreasing recidivism and positively impacting their lives and families.


Your organization can make a difference by employing one of Full Circle's graduates, who have been thoroughly evaluated and trained to become well-prepared employees. Don't miss this chance to impact your company and your community positively. Contact us to participate as an employer in the Full Circle Auto Repair and Training Program.

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Hiring A Technician

Full Circle Training Center partners with a variety of employers, such as dealerships and retail mechanic shops. We currently have a 95% placement rate and a 90% retention rate. For our interns, this program represents a second chance at a life they thought they could no longer have due to past mistakes. Feedback from current employers has stated that our graduates are some of the most hardworking, dedicated, and timely employees they have within their company.

If your company is interested in hiring one of our interns, please take a look at the process below and fill out the interest form to contact our program directors. 

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Interest Form

Please complete this form if you are interested in hiring our interns at your company. A team member will contact you regarding the next steps. 

What location(s) would you like to hire from?

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